Carrie has provided me with Acupuncture care for many years. In the beginning Carrie provided treatments for overall balance. Over the years, Carrie treated me twice for compressed discs (C5-6), she truly helped to ease the pain and help me get back to life! Just over 3 years ago Carrie provided treatments for a horrible infection from mastectomies, I saw her several times throughout my cancer recovery and subsequent chemo treatments where she provided therapies to help me with pain and to recover from the toxic medicines. About 2 years ago my lower back went out, I could not stand straight and literally walked sideways, through Carrie’s therapy (Cupping) I recovered very quickly but best of all, I didn’t need to take pain relief/medications as Acupuncture was enough to help me recover. The very best about the services Carrie provides is she listens and then formulates a plan, she is honest and has a commitment of what her care will provide – she told me in three treatments you will walk straight again… and guess what! I Did!! The treatments for the infection helped to put me on a path to healing. I remain dedicated to Carrie’s care. ~ TK

As a recipient of regular acupuncture treatments at WLAC, Carrie has helped me resolve many ailments and continues to pursue new ideas for treating stubborn problems. She has a genuine desire to help her patients lead happier, healthier lives.
In addition, I participate in really unique & challenging yoga classes that have helped me develop more flexibility, resilience and strength.
I love the people and services at WLAC. They excel at what they do, with professionalism and compassion. ~ Dave

Carrie is SO good as an acupuncturist! Several times I have visited her when I had major back pain and she always manages to fit me in to her busy schedule. She listens when you're describing the pain symptoms and is very effective with her treatments. I have visited her over the span of several years and she has always relieved my pain. I would highly recommend her. ~ Chris

I have been seeing Carrie at Wild Lavender for over a year and her treatments have been tremendously helpful. As an older athlete I've found myself with a variety of nagging musculoskeletal injuries - neck, groin, shoulder, and hip. Carrie has helped me to integrate acupuncture into an overall treatment plan that has been successful in treating these injuries and getting me back to the activities I love. Carrie is a good listener, she carefully evaluates symptoms and makes thoughtful recommendations for treatment, follow up and prevention. I recommend Carrie without reservation; she is someone you can trust with your health and well-being. ~ Tracey B

I have been a client of Carrie’s for years, and I can’t imagine life without routine acupuncture. Not only is it immensely helpful for my sinus/allergy issues (which keeps me off antibiotics!) and joint pain, I leave her sessions feeling lighter, centered, and more peaceful - which were not benefits I had anticipated, but greatly enjoy. I appreciate Carrie’s holistic approach to my health and well-being. She is truly gifted in the healing arts. ~ Lisa H

WLAC is the place to go for effective, professional acupuncture. I have felt better and more energized after each treatment. Carrie’s knowledge and compassion is unmatched! Be sure to check out the yoga classes too; WLAC has the best instructors in town! ~ Kathy E

Acupuncture with Carrie creates positive results. I’ve tried others and she is the best! I am finally pain free from old ailments. ~ Mike C.

“Wild Lavender has become my sanctuary to improving my health and has healed all my ailments. Carrie’s ability to enlighten me with new information and provide services to solve a troublesome pain always amazes me. Carrie has just what I need when I need it, like a “Yoga for Backs`` class when I was dealing with lower back pain. My monthly acupuncture treatment keeps me in perfect alignment, both physically and mentally - benefits I am able to see in my regular yoga practice. I am blessed and so thankful to have Wild Lavender in my life.”
“My back loves Wild Lavender. Thank you Carrie” ~ Chris A